Designed For Your Peace of Mind

What is Omie View™?

The Omie View™ Bassinet Mirror was created to allow parents/caregivers to monitor a baby resting in a bassinet. Due to the design of most bassinets, it is practically impossible to see the baby unless you are standing or sitting up in bed, right next to the bassinet. The Omie View Bassinet Mirror provides an added range of view of the inside of the bassinet, without the parent/caregiver needing to get up from the bed or sofa, or even be able to multi task around the house while having clear view of the baby resting. This is not a camera or app that requires loading or anything else–this is real time, real image of your baby at the moment you need it. And the Omie View is as mobile as your bassinet or playpen; take it with you or move it around wherever you take your bassinet; quickly adjust it as needed with the remote control as many times as you need to.

Created for Parents by Parents

The Omie View Bassinet Mirror is designed to give parents peace of mind. It’s easy to use and flexible. Many parents use bassinets because they are convenient and mobile, but end up quickly returning their bassinets because they can’t see their baby properly at all times. The Omie View Bassinet Mirror clips onto the bassinet and allows you to control the mirror’s angle via remote control.

Why Omie View™?

Easy Baby Monitoring

The Omie View Bassinet Mirror allows parents to monitor their babies at any hour of the day. The soft LED light provides ultimate viewing and reassurance at night, and one does not need to get out of bed to turn it on. Use the handy remote to adjust the mirror angles and turn the light on and off.

Created to help reduce the number of SIDS related incidents

This is our product’s ultimate goal. We strongly support the “Safe to Sleep” campaign, and we urge parents and caregivers to learn more about it and the ways they can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death. Find out how to create a safe infant environment at

Useful tool during postpartum recovery

Every mommy has a different birthing experience, and the Omie View Bassinet Mirror helps tremendously during the recovery period. Rest is crucial, and the Omie View allows you to stay in a comfortable position while keeping an eye on your baby.

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